SMARTboard files

Please note: you need to have the SMARTboard software on your computer before you can open these files.
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The files below are all free.

1. Les instruments et les jours de la semaine
    See also video 
2. La journée de Capucine
    See also video 
3. Les 12 mois de l’année
    See also video
   See also video 
5. Les règles de la vie
10. Les expressions 1(Normand Gaudreault)
Choisis les mots (students underline the correct words)
15. Crée ton propre mystère
18. Click here for some great SMARTboard files in French (scroll down). 
19. Click here for some great SMARTboard files in different languages. Click on the tabs at the top. 
20. Click here and here for lots of video SMARTboard tutorials.
21. Click here for a SMARTboard file on 9/11 en français. 
22. Click here for a SMARTboard file on "3 questions + les émotions".
23. Click here for a SMARTboard file for Halloween called "Les monstres". Click here for a word document with the same vocabulary. 
24. Click here for lots of French SMARTBoard files from the Sir Wilfred Laurier Schoolboard.
Record your voice into an mp3 to insert in .notebook files. 
26. Les signes du printemps (SMARTboard file)  
27. La boîte secrète, Le livre rouge, La tempête de pluie, Flotsam (Illustrations only, to practice storytelling in the target language). 
28. Pierre Lapin de Beatrix Potter (simplifié) 
Lots of .notebook files here. 

General IWB resources

1. There are some cool class organizational tools here.